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Mar 27, 2011 11:35pm EDT
concerns so we don't this on in definitely. try to show it is not just the u.s. but our allies nato who are very much involved in this. perhaps we will hear it the of this in a global way. if we don't show this is unacceptable for muammar gaddafi down, then other feel they have a s to do this without international community coming down on them. t that was secretary earlier thatg not in imminent and not a vital national interest. how can the usa -- how can the --. say >> a lot of people did perk up for signs are looking dissent. that was a signal not everyone is on the same page. initially president obama signaled there was not going to anything imminent and were not clear. then we had this no-fly zone, so amongis a sense isgressional leaders there clear message coming out. >> he does have going for him are makings progress. hunte will help him tomorrow night. >> that is what they will have show, that there is an alternative. just trading something, a is seen by the beingational community as unacceptable for chaos. there is the perception that these rebels have some real organization
Mar 5, 2011 11:35pm EST
. already, the u.s. pace tons of money to many of these countries. now it needs to direct that assistance into the civil society, the democracy building, trying to help without dictating, without sending funds, helping with the transition. so they do not get hijacked in ways that go to a dictatorship. we will have an extraordinary panel on sunday of activist women from egypt, iran, and elsewhere, talking about the fighting. what happens to women will determine what happens to the society in general. then we will talk about domestic news, talk about the jobs situation and politics, and we will have all of that on the program this week. >> i cannot believe the top of the show, live from tripoli. i wonder what you remember the most. >> it is extraordinary to interview mubarak days before he stepped down, get the first direct word he would step down. then to find the eccentric and reclusive gaddafi in libya, his take, somewhat divorced of reality. it has been extraordinary. the take i have is that one could view what is going on around the middle east as a major jumping off point, a major opp
Mar 6, 2011 11:35pm EST
successful. prices at the pump that, are surging toward $4 per gallon. in response, u.s. officials are considering tapping into oil reserves. >> the issue of the reserves is one we are considering. it has been done in very rare occasions. >> most of us have been unable to ignore the surge in gas prices. the current national average for a gallon of gas is $3.50 per gallon. that is up 33 cents in just the past month. it is up 75 cents from a year ago. we heard william daley talk about the strategic oil reserve. can this be a substitute to? >> there are 327 million barrels, approximately that is good for what they say will be a couple of months of energy consumption for the united states. but i do not know if this will actually be a move they will make. it is a very rare thing that they do. it happens when different gulfcoast states are hit by hurricanes or when we were involved in kuwait in 1991 and 1992. the administration would be making a huge statement if they move to do it appeared >> it is a last resort for us. but the gas prices continued to rise and the obama administration i
Mar 26, 2011 11:35pm EDT
, followed by apple, walt disney, the u.s. state department, and amazon. >>> coming up -- >> it is a program that is an alternative and people don't really know about it. >> small children helping care for the elderly. and 7 on your side with guidelines to keep your kids safe on the road. does it go too far? >> the temperature still in the upper 30's right now. reagan national airport. a little bit of snow on the way. the forecast ahead. >>> a new method caring for the elderly focused on children. the idea is to put them together during activities that benefit both groups, like singing and exercise. cynne simpson reports. >> these four year-old snow that time with their older friends is always fun. >> sometimes they make food. >> they attend preschool at the easter seals intergenerational center in silver spring. licensed as a nursing home, they also have an adult day care program, with many elderly diagnosed with alzheimer's disease and dementia. every day, the groups get together for activities like yoga and music. >> it is a creation of what we call a new paradigm. the people of a
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4